About Access Planet Organization

A person is speaking, and others are listening to her.

Access Planet Organization is led by young women with disabilities in Nepal. It is working to promote rights, empowerment, and inclusion of persons with disabilities in general and young women with disabilities in specific. It was established in September 2015 to mainstream young women with disabilities in Nepal through technology and capacity building. We focus on promoting quality education, wellbeing, and leadership capabilities of these women.

The visibility of young women with disabilities and their capacity is our greatest accomplishment. After establishing the organization, young women with disabilities, and their ability in different sectors like sports, leadership has been more visible than before. The local government, other communities, and civil society have started to trust the capability of young women with disabilities. The stereotypical attitudes, roles, and responsibilities prescribed by society to these women are challenged, and they are capacitated to groom their careers to their fullest potential.

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