Advocacy Interaction program among stakeholders on Inclusive education and issues of girls and young women with disabilities in access to technology_Sudurpaschim (Municipal and Provincial)

Published on: December 24, 2023 
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Participants actively participating during the event.

24th December 2023

Dhangadhi, Sudurpaschim Province

Access Planet Organization hosted an "Advocacy Interaction Program on Inclusive Education", supported by the Disability Rights Fund (DRF), on December 24th, 2023, at Hotel Devotee in Dhangadhi, Sudurpaschim Province. The event gathered participants, including government representatives from local, municipal, and provincial levels in Dhangadhi, Sudurpaschim, advocacy group members of Dhangadhi, and organizations of persons with disabilities (OPDs). The main aim of the interaction was to highlight the challenges faced by girls and young women with disabilities and gather support from different groups to improve their education and technology access.


  1. Raise awareness and sensitize stakeholders about challenges faced by girls with disabilities in education and technology access.
  2. Advocate for inclusive policies and gather commitments from municipal and provincial stakeholders.
  3. Identify and address barriers hindering education and technology access of individuals with disabilities.
  4. Facilitate open dialogue and information sharing for impactful advocacy and change implementation.

The Advocacy Interaction Program, organized by Access Planet, convened stakeholders, including government representatives, advocacy groups, and disability organizations, to address the challenges faced by girls and young women with disabilities in education and technology access. Led by Sabita Chaudhary, the event featured presentations highlighting comprehensive overviews of challenges and ongoing initiatives in Kailali District. Government stakeholders from Godawari Municipality, Dhangadhi Sub-metropolitan City, and Sudurpaschim Province presented programs and commitments, acknowledging the need for systemic improvements. The interaction session allowed stakeholders to voice concerns and propose solutions, emphasizing the importance of inclusive notices, accessible information, and equal scholarship opportunities. The program concluded with a manifesto handover, demanding policy reforms and financial commitments for inclusive education, marking a pivotal step toward fostering an inclusive environment in Sudurpaschim Province.


  1. Obtain commitments from stakeholders for inclusive education and technology access.
  2. Increased understanding of challenges faced by girls and young women with disabilities.
  3. Commenced dialogue and collaboration among government representatives, advocacy groups, and disability organizations.
  4. Presentation of a manifesto advocating for better educational support for girls with disabilities.
  5.  Insights gained from participant inquiries, guiding future advocacy efforts.

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