Computer Class in Guru Jajur Secondary School(Dang, Lumbini Province)

Published on: September 12, 2022 
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Computer Class in Guru Jajur Secondary School

July-September, 2022

Rakshachaur, Dang, Lumbini Province

Access Planet Organization has conducted 3 months computer training from July, 2022 to visually impaired students who are studying in Shree Guru Jajur Secondary School of Rakshachaur of Dang in the partnership with Global Fund for Women and the school administration. The main objective of this program was to make it accessible for blind children specially girls to get inclusive education by providing them technological capacity development.


  • 18 visually impaired students from grade 5-12 have got skills on computer and technology including MSWord, PowerPoint, Excel and Email-internet which has supported them in receiving inclusive and quality education
  • The dependency of visually impaired students with their sighted counterparts has been decreased with the enhancement of learning opportunities through the use of computer and technology.
  • With the resource teachers being provided with computer skills along with the visually impaired students, it has supported in sustainability of the continuation of computer class in the school for the future cohort of visually impaired students.

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