“Orientation on Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights to Girls with Disabilities.(Lumbini Province)"

Published on: January 23, 2023 
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Group Photo with students, trainers and sign language interpreter.

 “Orientation on: Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights to Girls with Disabilities.” 

Khajura , Lumbini Province

23rd January 2023

Access Planet Organization organized one-day orientation Program on “Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights to deaf and hard of hearing girls” at Shree Bahira Bal Adarsha Adharbhut School, Khajura, Lumbini Province. Seventeen Deaf and hard of hearing girls from the school participated in the orientation program. The orientation program was conducted with the funding support of Women’s Fund Asia.

The objective of the orientation was to sensitize girls with disabilities on various dimensions of SRHR.

Major issues covered in the orientation were:-

Human body and development 

  • Bodily changes and psychosocial changes during adolescence
  • Anatomy and physiology of sexual and reproductive organs
  • Reproductive system.

Menstrual Hygiene and Management

  • Process and why and how girls menstruate.
  • Menstrual hygiene product, its proper use and disposal (menstrual cup, sanitary pad, tampon, cloth pad)
  • Taboos, myths and misconception related to menstruation, its effects and the ways to eliminate those taboos.
  • Managing menstruation in hygienic way.

Contraceptive devices and other different SRHR components

  • Family Planning, contraceptive devices and their types :Temporary contraceptive devices and permanent contraceptive devices
  • Detailed information on The IEC board consisted the information of the temporary contraceptive devices with:

- Name and information of temporary contraceptive devices in printed words.

- Name and information of temporary contraceptive devices in braille.

- Pictures of contraceptive devices and sample.

Gender Based Violence and the ways to eliminate

  • Sex and gender
  • Good touch and bad touch
  • Consent, privacy and physical integrity
  • Safe use of information and communication technologies

Outcomes of the training:-

  1. 17 participants were oriented, sensitized and were provided guidance regarding the sexual and reproductive health rights.
  2. Active participation of Students with hearing impairment in the program.
  3. The participants were able to learn about the body physiological changes during adolescent.
  4. The participants were able to learn about the ways of prevention from sexual abuse and institutions and mechanisms to support those cases.
  5. The participants have developed confidence to speak freely on the matter of SRHR.
  6. Students with hearing impairments became aware and they were so eager to learn more.
  7. This program became the first step for the students to learn about SRHR, as a continuity of the learning for the students Resource teacher Ms. Ramma Thapa took a lead to deliver more detail information to them in coming days.

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