Profession Oriented Computer Training for Job-holder Visually Impaired Women

Published on: August 1, 2016 
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A group of women sitting around a table and using the laptop.

On July 29 and 30 2016, Access Planet Organization in collaboration with Action on Disability Rights and Development (ADRAD) organized two days Profession Oriented computer training for professional and job holder blind and visually impaired women. Although some blind and visually impaired women have started to be employed in government and other sectors after the implementation of reservation policy by the government, but many of these women lacked proper knowledge and skills on technology which in many extent have been found obstructing their effective and efficient job related works. Realizing this fact, 2 days computer training was organized in Lalitpur district where job holder women with visual impairment learnt profession oriented computer skills on MSWord, Excel, Power point and Internet.
The training supported these women to be updated in the recent technological development and made them confident in performing their profession related works more effectively. After the completion of the training, the participants responded that they now onwards will be less dependent on their sighted colleagues for performing their office tasks.

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