Review and Follow-up Workshop for Young Women at Makwanpur and Chitwan

Published on: June 6, 2021 
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Access Planet Organization with the support of the FRIDA-young feminist fund successfully completed the Review and Follow-up Workshop on 6th June 2021 virtually in the presence of board members, staff, and participants of TOT.

On 10-12 March 2021, Access Planet Organization conducted three days of TOT on Leadership and Legal Literacy to Young women with Disabilities. Ten women from the Makwanpur and Chitwan districts of Bagmati Province participated in the trainers' training. After the successful completion of their course they provided one-day leadership training to the grassroots level of women with disabilities of Chitwan and Makwanpur district on 24th April and 25th April 2021 respectively.

Thus, this review and follow-up workshop was conducted for evaluation and sharing of the lesson learned on the training conducted by ToT participants. The program mainly focused on the discussion with the participants regarding their experiences, challenges, learning, and way forward. Through this workshop, the access planet organization aimed to support and build up the capacity of women with disabilities at the grassroots level and strengthen the movement of young women with disabilities of Chitwan and Makwanpur districts.

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