Share Market Orientation Training for Persons with Disabilities

Published on: February 16, 2024 
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Group photo with the participants and the trainer

Dhangadhi, Nepal

15th Feb 2024

Access Planet Organization conducted a two-day share market orientation training in Dhangadi, Nepal, from February 13th to 14th, 2024. Recognizing the increasing accessibility of online share trading platforms in Nepal, the organization identified a gap in accessible resources and training materials for individuals with visual impairments and other disabilities. Recognizing this gap, Access Planet, with the support of the Global Fund for Women, designed this training program specifically for individuals with disabilities, incorporating accessible software and techniques. There was participation of25 people with disabilities in this training.


The main objectives of the training are,

  • To introduce and orient participants with disabilities to the share market, fostering their economic empowerment.
  • To equip participants with the necessary knowledge and skills to navigate the share market using accessible technologies.
  • To bridge this gap by providing participants with the necessary knowledge and practical skills to participate in the share market confidently.

The sessions conducted in this training are as follows:

  • Introduction to Share Market:
  • Share-Related Terminologies:
  • Entering the Share Market:
  • Practical Session on Applying for IPOs:
  • Share Market Governing Bodies:
  • Share Market Analysis Applications:

The Access Planet Organization's share market orientation training program successfully provided essential knowledge and skills to 25 individuals with diverse disabilities in Dhangadi, Nepal. This training empowered them to navigate the share market with greater confidence, potentially paving the way for greater financial independence and inclusion. The organization's dedication to accessibility and continuous improvement ensures future programs will be even more inclusive and impactful.


The training program achieved its intended objectives and delivered positive outcomes:

  • All 25 participants gained fundamental knowledge about the share market, equipping them with a foundation for informed investment decisions.
  •  All the participants were introduced to accessible techniques and software, empowering them to navigate the share market independently, particularly those with physical disabilities and visual impairments.
  • The participants gained the hands-on skills to apply, check, and sell IPOs independently.
  • The program empowered and equipped participants with the confidence to participate actively in the share market.

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