One day Gender, Feminism and Legal literacy training for women with disabilities._Madhesh Province

Published on: July 8, 2023 
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Group Photo with the participants.

8th July, 2023

Madhesh Province

Access Planet Organization in support of Leading from the South (LFS)- Women’s Fund Asia (WFA) organized one day training for women with disabilities on the topic- “Gender, Feminism and Legal literacy” on 8th July 2023. The training is conducted as the part of grassroots campaigning by TOT Participants of training of trainers (TOT) on feminism, national and international laws and policies, and human rights mechanism that took place from 18th to 20th May 2023.

The training was conducted to build the capacity of 20 grassroots women with disabilities from the local areas of Madhesh provinces of Nepal on topics related to gender, feminism, law, and human rights.


  • To empower the grassroots women with disabilities on feminism, laws and human rights.
  • To strengthen the grassroots movement of young women with disabilities.

The topics covered in this training are as follows:

  1. Sex, Gender, and Gender Role
  2. Feminism
  3. Act relating to rights of persons with disabilities in relation to rights of women
  4. Gender, Gender Based Violence and Local Mechanism on Ending Violence Against Women with Disabilities


The primary outputs of the training are listed in points as follows:

  • 20 grassroots women with disabilities were empowered with the knowledge of feminism, laws and human rights.
  • The participants became aware of the acts in relation with the rights of people with disabilities.
  • The training has contributed in strengthening grassroots movement of women with disabilities.



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