Training of Trainers (TOT) on Feminism, National and International Laws and Policies, and Human Rights Mechanism

Published on: May 21, 2023 
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Group picture with the participants after certificate distribution.

Kathmandu, Nepal

18th to 21st May 2023

Access Planet Organization in support of the Leading from the South (LFS)- Women’s Rights Fund (WFA) organized the Training of Trainers (TOT) on the topic- “Capacity building of frontline women with disabilities through training of trainers (TOT) on feminism, national and international laws and policies, and human rights mechanism.” The training was conducted to build the capacity of 16 women from four different provinces of Nepal on the three emerging topics related to feminism, law, and human rights. The 16 women with disabilities representing four different provinces from Koshi, Madhesh, Gandaki, and Karnali Provinces were trained by various trainers and experts in the related fields. Thus, the groups of women were trained and prepared for grassroots campaigning in their local areas.


The main objectives of the TOT are as follows:

  • Build the capacity of frontline women with disabilities through TOT.
  • Strengthen grassroots campaigning by the TOT participants by organizing community legal literacy training.
  • Enhance programs and activities of Access Planet by establishing formal or informal networks of the Organization in different provinces.

Ms. Jyotsana Prajapati, Program Manager of Access Planet, began the training by welcoming the participants to the training hall. She then led them to introduce themselves along with pointing out the agendas and format of the training. After that, participants were asked to share their expectations and commitments from the training. Additionally, Ms. Jenisha Maharjan, Program Coordinator of Access Planet, explained the organization and its details to the participants. The participants dived into a range of sessions related to the topic that could help them gain enough information about the related topics as they were getting trained by various trainers who are working in the related fields.

On 21st May 2023, the closing program was conducted for the entire training. The closing program was chaired by Hon. Prakash Panta, the Member of Parliament and also the chair of the Good Governance Committee. Ms. Neera Adhikari, the Director of the Women and Children Department, Nepal Government was a special guest for the program. In the closing program, the participants shared their learnings and their commitments to strengthening the grassroots movement of women with disabilities. Speaking in the closing program, Ms. Neera Adhikari extended her wishes to the participants and organizers. Similarly, Hon. Prakash Panta, the Chief Guest of the program expressed his commitment to raise the voices of girls and women with disabilities during the policy formation. At the closing program, certificates were provided to the participants for the completion of the training.


The primary outputs of the training are listed in points as follows:

  • 16 participants from Karnali, Madhesh, Koshi, and Gandaki provinces developed their knowledge and skills on feminism, law, and human rights.
  • Commitments were gathered from participants to organize similar training to their localities in the guidance and mentorship from Access Planet.
  • Empowerment of grassroots activists and women with disabilities has contributed in strengthened the grassroots movement of women with disabilities.
  • Strengthened relationships with women rights activists, disability rights activists, government representatives, and policymakers during the training.

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