Yoga and Meditation Session for Women Human Rights Defenders with Disabilities

Published on: September 26, 2021 
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Yoga and Meditation Session for Women Human Rights Defenders with Disabilities

Physical and mental wellbeing has been proven as the greatest medicine in the Covid-19 pandemic. With this, Access planet has provided yoga and meditation classes to 100 young women with disabilities during this time of the pandemic. The training was conducted from 5th  September to 25 September, 2021. The yoga instructor Mr. Gambhir Shrestha, equipped the participants with various yoga poses, breathing exercises and meditation techniques in inclusive and accessible way for women with diverse disabilities including blind and visually impaired, deaf, physical disabilities and other disabilities.


  • Enhanced physical and psychological wellbeing of young women human rights defenders with disabilities through Yoga, Meditation and Breathing exercises
  • Created safe space for young defenders during yoga sessions on sharing and exchanging the experience and feelings in the current crisis
  • We, the young human rights defenders with disabilities have been able to continue our activism in more resilient way than before. The psychological fear that we had due to the current pandemic has significantly decreased and through the yoga and meditation session, we have become more stronger and resilient to continue and move forward the disability and women rights campaign more powerfully than before.

Access Planet is thankful to Urgent Action Grant for supporting us to contribute in the wellbeing of women human rights with disabilities in Nepal in the time of current crisis.



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