Orientation to school management committee on inclusive education for girls and women with disabilities_Banke

Published on: November 11, 2023 
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Participants of Orientation to SMC

27th November 2023


Access Planet Organization, with the support of the Disability Rights Fund (DRF), hosted an event titled "Orientation to the School Management Committee on Inclusive Education for Girls and Women with Disabilities on 27th November 2023 ." The program aimed to raise awareness and provide critical insights into the issues surrounding education and technology access for girls and young women with disabilities at the local level, and also to facilitate open dialogue and collaborative problem solving for the promotion of inclusive education.  There was active participation of  24 members, including the principals, teachers, and school management committee of schools of Banke. This program played a pivotal role in promoting inclusivity in education at the local level. It provided a platform for dialogue, understanding, and collaboration among SMCs, educators, and community members. The event's findings and recommendations served as a valuable guide for further initiatives aimed at promoting inclusive education and enhancing technology access for girls and young women with disabilities.


  1. The event successfully raised awareness about the challenges and importance of inclusive education for girls and women with disabilities among the participants.
  2. Participants collaboratively developed actionable plans and recommendations to improve inclusive education practices at the local level, empowering school management committees to implement positive changes.
  3. The event facilitated networking and collaboration among participants, fostering a collective commitment to supporting inclusive education for individuals with disabilities in Nepal.
  4. This program will be a step forward in bringing awareness among the SMCs, which will be the start of discourse about inclusivity and accessibility in the education sector in schools in Banke.

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